Advanced Fundamentals of Land and Easement Acquisition

A three day course designed to give the practicing engineering/right of way/real estate representative or appraiser, skills in managing unique problems. Tuition is only $1125.00

This course has been approved by the California Office of Real Estate Appraisal and the state Maryland for twenty-four hours of Continuing Education Units. Some other states will also approve the course upon petition. Check with your local state authorities to be sure.

In addition, the International Right-of-Way Association has certified this class for recertification for the SRWA designation. Twenty-fours will be given for the three day classes.


Introduction and Review: Real property law, property descriptions, easement considerations (descriptions, types, subordinations).

Quality Issues: Assuring that the document meets quality standards and is error free. There is an introduction of a Quality Worksheet for documents, and an in-depth discussion of each quality assurance issue.

Overview of Land Surveying: Learn various projection systems used in mapping, how boundaries are set and recovered, various kinds of “North”, hierarchy of calls in legal descriptions, how to read surveys, and how to decipher survey monumentation.

Negotiating With Potentially Hostile Groups: How to deal with 13 different personality types (hostile/aggressive, environmental guerilla, etc.), handling news media type confrontations, preparing for the presentation, establishing a “hook,” opening and body of the presentation, close and request for action. Handling questions and questioners.