Land Descriptions and an Overview of Land Surveying (1 day)

Land Descriptions

Learn how to write a complete metes and bounds description, delineate and describe the component parts of the Rectangular Survey System and describe the functional and legal parts of a subdivision.

The participants read and discuss a booklet from Chicago Title entitled “The Fundamentals of Land Measurement.” Write metes and bounds descriptions with exercises.Instructions on how to use an engineer scale and a land measure compass. Three exercises ensue.

Find out about monuments and markers that are found on real property. Discussion about how to interpret them and who to contact for more information.

Discuss magnetic declination and why it is important. Discuss datum north and basis of bearings.

U.S Rectangular Survey System. Discussion and five exercises. 

Subdivision and re-subdivision. Interpreting what is found on the map and face sheet.

Overview of Land Surveying

Learn various projection systems used in mapping, how boundaries are set and recovered, various kinds of “North”, hierarchy of calls in legal descriptions, how to read surveys, and how to decipher survey monumentation.

See videos of the latest surveying techniques and equipment.

A complex class exercise is the culmination of this fascinating course.

Cost: $5200.00 for up to twenty participants. Each participant over that number is $200.00 each. Instructor travel and shipping charges will be added.