Telecommunications 101

Are your employees/associates in the dark about this fast growing and changing communication industry? We are presenting this dynamic fast moving, and even entertaining, one day seminar in Denver CO on Friday, May 14, 2010 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The cost? Only $195 per person.

Please read on for the seminar specifics.

Telecommunications 101, A One Day Seminar/Conference


  • More effective employees because of new understanding and skills.
  • Provides a foundation for understanding the network.
  • Will increase morale and self-esteem due to a better grasp of this business.
  • Employees become motivated when they understand their employers business.
  • Better retention of employees due to “feeling a part” of the business.
  • Will know where they fit into the “big picture” of the network.
  • They do not need to understand technical terms because there is no Techno-babble spoken in this seminar.
  • This seminar is taught in a totally non-threatening atmosphere which fosters learning.
  • They will understand how they impact customers and other employees.

Geared for an audience who needs to understand what the network components are, not how they work. We will discuss the following topics:

  • How A Telephone Works
  • Major Functions Performed by the Telephone Set
  • Outside Plant Network Diagram
  • Telephone Network, The Local Loop
  • A Typical Telephone Call
  • Switching Offices, Tandem & End
  • Pair Gain Systems, Remote Switches  and   Redundancy
  • Microwave Systems
  • Inter Exchange Carriers, Long   distance  Carriers and By-Pass
  • Electronic Switching
  • Packet Switching
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
  • Lightwave Systems (Fiber Optics)
  • Analog/Digital Signals
  • High Speed Services: ISDN, xDSL, and T1
  • Broadband over Powerline (BPL)
  • Phone over CATV
  • The Internet & VoiP including”Triple Play”
  • Unified Communications
  • Wireless: Cellular, PCS and Satellite

The instructor brings a crate of telephone related equipment such as aerial and buried terminals, copper and fiber cable samples and various other samples of interest.

This seminar  was developed at the request of the California Communications Association. They needed a non-technical course for new (and veteran) employees of member companies who wanted to understand the industry they recently joined.

We have had Customer Service Reps through the new VP of Accounting attend. This seminar gets standing ovations!

This seminar is a “macro” view of today’s telecommunication network.

“Techno babble” is avoided in this class.

Also included in this seminar are videos of:

The Roseville Telephone Museum (30 minutes) This is the finest telephone museum in the world! A great walk through history!

A tour through the local loop: from the Central Office to the Subscribers premises. Included are: a brief look inside a Central Office including switching equipment, the power room, Main Distributing Frame and Cable Vault. We also look inside a manhole and also a Controlled Environmental Vault (CEV) with a DSLAM, a Cross Connect Box, Up a couple of Poles, explaining Primary/Secondary Power, CATV and Telco. Wireless sites are also included.  (20 minutes)

Manufacturing and use of Fiber Optic Cable, produced by Corning, Inc. A great help in understanding the magic of fiber.(9 minutes)